Healthy LunchBox is an online resource designed to inform and educate parents, teachers to lead and maintain healthy lifestyles by providing nutritious resources to teach children to cook and eat healthy and balanced meals. Developed by a team of passionate dietitians and nutritionists, Healthy LunchBox is committed to bring creditable and valuable information to promote healthy and nutritional eating habits and an active lifestyle within homes, schools and the community at large.

Healthy LunchBox focuses on empowering families to encourage children to feed their growing minds and bodies by adopting healthy eating habits early in life. To further improve healthy growth and development, HealthyLunch Box connects teachers and schools with a variety of curriculum resources to enhance nutrition and physical education within classrooms to promote healthy eating and active living as their position and influence have a huge impact on children’s lives.

OUR MISSION is to offer simple, educational and fun resources to incorporate into your child’s everyday life.

OUR GOAL is to provide parents and teachers with the tools and resources to enhance health education within their homes and classrooms. Healthy Lunch Box hopes to enable children to adopt healthy eating habits and make wise food choices in a fun-filled approach.

OUR INSPIRATION stems from our passion for quality nutrition to live healthy and happy!