Apple…Not Just Technology

The infamous apple is found almost everywhere.  In bible stories, physics books, on our phones, Ipads, computers and laptops and in sayings such as: “an Apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  What a powerful fruit yet my question is do we eat as many apples as we refer to in our daily lives?
And why is the Apple selected as a symbol in so many different areas of our lives and the world?  Could it be that in its simplicity it denotes strength in its raw form, versatility in the many ways it can be consumed and used in recipes, or nourishment because of its naturally occurring nutritional properties?  And why I am referring to the apple in this way – well let’s delve a little further into this.
There are numerous varieties of apples around the world.  Each country has its own growing and harvest season however the one thing almost all apples have in common is that you can bite right into them for that crunch most like to hear.  The flavour may vary and be either sweet or tart but the strength of that bite is definitely there.  The fresher the apple the louder the crunch! Read more…


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